3 thoughts on “Anne Billson: self portrait 1982

  1. ANNE BILLSON is a film critic, novelist and photographer whose work has been widely published. She has lived in London, Tokyo, Paris and Croydon, and now lives in Brussels.

    Her books include SUCKERS (an upwardly mobile vampire novel), STIFF LIPS (a Notting Hill ghost story) and THE EX (a supernatural detective story), and several works of non-fiction, including THE THING, a BFI monograph about John Carpenter’s film, and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, from Auteur Publishing, about Tomas Alfredson’s film of John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel of the same name.

    In 1993 she was named one of Granta’s “Best Young British Novelists”.

    She has written about many different subjects, but chiefly about films, for more publications than she cares to remember, and has been film critic for the Sunday Correspondent, Tatler, New Statesman & Society and the Sunday Telegraph. She currently reviews films for the TV pages of the Sunday Telegraph.

    Source: http://multiglom.wordpress.com/about/


    BORN Southport 1954. Grew up in Exeter and Croydon. BA in Graphic Design, Central School of Art & Design, London (1973-76)

    JOBS INCLUDE shoeshop asistant, bookshop assistant, cakeshop assistant, Inland Revenue clerk, sign-writer, window dresser, secretary, cookery-book illustrator, English teacher, lyric-writer for Japanese pop-singers, cinema cashier, photographer, cinema listings compiler. She once appeared as a Dutch girl in a Japanese TV commercial starring a famous sumo wrestler.

    PHOTOGRAPHS PUBLISHED in Time Out, Event, Illustrated London News, Mode et Mode, Fashion News, Men Only, Tatler, GQ, Options, Elle, Vogue, Daily Express, Soho Weekly News etc

    PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITIONS: East/West (Tokyo) 1989; Electric Cinema (London) 1981; Soho Poly Theatre (London) 1981

    WRITING PUBLISHED in Sunday Telegraph, Monthly Film Bulletin, The Erotic Review, GQ, Time Out, Event, City Limits, The Times, Vogue, Elle, Harpers & Queen, Esquire, Just Seventeen, Sky, Sunday Correspondent, Cosmopolitan, the Guardian, the Independent, the Observer, the Sunday Times, Playbirds, Fashion News etc

    FILM CRITIC for Today (1986); the Sunday Correspondent (1989-90); Tatler (1989-90); New Statesman & Society (1991-92); the Sunday Telegraph (1992-2001)

    Source: http://multiglom.wordpress.com/about/

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