Je ne suis pas un être humain


En Autriche, lors de la fondation de l’Association viennoise pour l’hygiène raciale en 1924, son président déclare que « c’est seulement si nous favorisons le fort, celui qui est apte à la vie, et si nous anéantissons celui qui est inapte à la vie, comme l’exige la Nature, que nous encouragerons cette hygiène utile à la collectivité »


2 thoughts on “Je ne suis pas un être humain


    But, Hitler warned, the German “Aryan” race was threatened by dissolution from within and without. The internal threat lurked in intermarriages between “Aryan” Germans and members of inherently inferior races: Jews, Roma, Africans, and Slavs. The offspring of these marriages were said to dilute the superior characteristics reflected in German blood, thus weakening the race in its struggle against other races for survival.

    The interwar German state further weakened the German “Aryan” race by tolerating procreation among people whom the Nazis considered genetically degenerate and a harmful influence on the hygiene of the race as a whole: people with physical and mental disabilities, habitual or career criminals, and persons who compulsively engaged in socially “deviant behavior” as the Nazis perceived it, including homeless people, allegedly promiscuous women, people unable to hold a job, or alcoholics, among others.

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