The Wonderful World of Wash ‘n’ Wear (1958)

The Wonderful World of Wash 'n' Wear

00:22 Man in suit points at camera
00:24 Man and women at bus stop (stylized, fake background, NOT city street) stand back-to-back, reading newspaper and magazine
00:35 Man and women look down from left to right as car passes and splashes them with mud
02:20 Woman sorts laundry in basket; man holds up “His and Hers” fig leaves
03:15 Man holds big clump of raw wool
04:00 Man in white shirt, tie, boxer shorts, and socks with garter belts irons pants
04:16 Old man presses pants under mattress
04:55 Scientist holds boiling test tube; laboratory equipment; chemist doing chemistry research
06:16 Announcer (Jeffrey Lynn) stands in front of shelves containing spools of various labeled synthetic fibers
06:56 Couple kiss in front of doorway (stage set) (good)
07:36 Little boy, watching couple kissing, makes a face and sticks out his tongue
07:47 Parachute extended (in studio)
08:22 Pan of articles of clothing: suits, skirts, ties, blouses, etc.
08:52 Scientist looks through microscope
09:33 Hand washes handkerchief in glass beaker
10:50 Announcer explains chemical principles behind wash and wear clothing
11:32 Women does handwash in bathroom sink
12:30 Wash and wear clothing showroom
15:00 Announcer explains how automatic wash cycles accommodate wash and wear clothing…


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