Jacqueline de Croÿ: ‘Casey Bohun, a 3-years old victim’

Casey Bohun 1

Casey Bohun, a 3-years old Zandvoort victim

Jacqueline de Croÿ – 29 mars 2004

Aged three, Casey Rose Bohun lived with his mother and the companion of her mother when she disappeared on August 5 1989 from her house of the street 94A in the north of Delta (British Columbia – Canada).It was 5h38 morning when she was seen for the last time, sleeping in its room. At 9h30, her bed was empty and she was never seen again since. Four years after, a witness would have seen Casey at Kamloops, but the investigation was unfruitful. This same year 1993, a lie detector released the biological father of the child of the suspicions which weighed on him. In 2001, another child of the father of Casey was withdrawn from his guard by the authorities of Kamloops. One month after, the mother of Casey committed suicide while jumping of the Bridge of Patulo in the river Fraser in Delta. The investigation was never closed.

In February 2004, a collaborator of the Foundation Princess of Croÿ recognizes Casey Bohun on photographs of CD-ROM of the paedophile network of Zandvoort and which are published on a Dutch website. The comparative analysis of the photographs was carried out and shows a matricial difference of 342.864 between the photograph of CD-ROM, and the one of Casey Bohun, which indicates a recognition to 90%.

Officier Leeson of the Serious Crime Section of the Canadian Police of Delta has contacted the Foundation in Belgium for the investigation. Months after the discovery, the Belgian authorities are still not interested and hace not yet followed the exemple on their excellent Canadian collegues.


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