Water is a woman


tonight, shadow, close the door and shut up

The Lord is far, the sky is humates, wheat is bitterly,

Water is a woman

and other bread I have not


I sharpening dream with a edge of heart

and do not know

fallen dust is from the heart or dream…

one tear is transform in the snow under the eyelids,

drain on the shoulders of which will never grow wings


the wall from tomorrow, keep one mirror with

the melancholy of Adam

I me climb on her frame, I licking and my tongue a bleeding

the smell of close for dream seems damp incense


shadow, close the door and shut up

The Lord is away, the watch of trickles ball of fire on his chest

and another day I have not



Picture: Anne Hathaway who is set to star in a movie adaptation of Shakespeare play The Taming Of The Shrew.